John Eaves

John Eaves
John Eaves works on designs for Star Trek: Insurrection (Star Trek: Action!)

John Eaves (1962) began work for Star Trek in 1989, as a model maker on The Final Frontier. His supervisor, Gregory Jein, then brought Eaves with him to The Next Generation. Eaves redesigned the Excelsior to become the Enterprise-B in Generations, after which he replaced as illustrator for Deep Space Nine.

Herman Zimmerman, who had been production designer of both Generations and Deep Space Nine, invited Eaves to Star Trek: First Contact in 1996, where he made his biggest contribution to the franchise. Eaves designed the Enterprise-E and its interiors, including the bridge. He went on to design the Son’a ships of Insurrection and the Scimitar and new Romulan Wardbird of Star Trek: Nemesis.

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