Star Trek in Sound and Vision

When Star Trek in Sound and Vision got started, it was extremely difficult to find audio and high-quality image files on the web. Richard Sliwa and Dave Wythe aimed to become “the definitive source of Star Trek-related Windows event sounds and graphics on the Internet” — and they succeeded.

They manually recorded all their sound files from VHS. The images were either screencapped or scanned from Star Trek Fact Files. Both must have been incredibly time-consuming.

The site had a different layout for each of the series with original LCARS graphics.

The earliest version in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is from December 1998, but I think the site got started a year earlier. The last update was on July 11, 2001. The most recent capture is from August 2003, after which the site went dark.


Loved this site. RIP

Matthew (Aug 28, 2019)

Man. I used to go to the public library, download stuff from this site, save it to floppy disks, and add the sounds to Windows 98 at home, because we didn’t have an internet connection. Talk about memories!

Tommy (May 12, 2020)

^ I did exactly the same thing back then.

TimPendragon (Aug 23, 2021)

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