Scenes Cut from Star Trek: Insurrection

Scenes cut from Star Trek: Insurrection included Captain Picard spilling his lunch, Riker and Troi flirting (even) more and an alternate ending in which the villain, Ru’afo, met his death by rejuvenation.

The scenes were included in the 2005 Special Collector’s Edition. Here they are, courtesy of Vudu. Plus bonus pictures of Quark visiting Ba’ku with two dabo girls.

Ru’afo’s facelift

The original scene had several more skin-stretching shots leading up to Ru’afo’s conversation with Admiral Dougherty.

Working lunch

Captain Picard spills his salad while doing research on the Briar Patch. Commander Riker enters and they discuss the region, which turns out to be less dangerous than Dougherty made it out to be.

Riker and Troi flirt

Troi explains the Federation’s involvement with the Son’a and Data’s presence on the Ba’ku planet. Riker’s and Troi’s banter was cut, as was them being shushed like schoolchildren by the librarian.

Anij and Picard kiss

The scene in which Anij slows down time for Picard originally ended with a kiss. Co-Producer Peter Lauritson said that, “although it read well on paper, it just didn’t work when we cut it together.”

Status: Precarious

A brief scene in which Data reports his status as “precarious” after attacking the Son’a ship with the Cousteau was cut.

Disabling the injector

Picard was meant to have disparaged the promise of a Federation Council investigation, followed immediately by a quick discussion about how to get aboard the metaphasic collector.

Alternate ending

The original plan was to see Ru’afo propelled into the Ba’ku planet’s rings, where he rapidly de-ages. Lauritsen explained that the studio felt this ending was too “soft” and they replaced it with the version in which the villain is blown up together with the metaphasic collector.

Quark visits Ba’ku

A scene was shot with Armin Shimerman as Quark, who visits Ba’ku with two dabo girls to open it up as a vacation spot. He is dismissed by Picard and escorted back to Deep Space Nine by an irritated Worf. The scene was not included in the 2005 Special Collector’s Edition DVD. All we have are the pictures.