Mark’s Trekmania started in the summer of 1999 as a collection of his personal interests: mainly starship classes and favorite episodes. The site became more professional the following year with an improved design and a URL of its own.

The earliest version in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is from June 2001.

Lots of “blood, sweat and tears” went into the site’s construction, Mark wrote, “but it was a labor of love.”

I think all of us have an individual vision of what Trek is and what it means to us. This site is my vision and, yes, there’s some multimedia stuff here, such as icons and wavs, etc., that just goes with the territory for this kind of site, but with Trek I’ve always been into ships, and my first love in Trek was the original Enterprise, so the main gist of this site is geared toward ships and the fleet in general.

Over time, Mark added features: a chronology, inconsistencies, essays about the major powers of the Star Trek universe, treknology, planet classifications, and more.

Special features included the webmaster’s own starship CGIs and screencap analyses of big battles, including Wolf 359 from “The Best of Both Worlds” and the fight with the Borg in Star Trek: First Contact.

Trekmania affiliated with Ex Astris Scientia and the Subspace Comms Network, where it had its own forum for a few years.

The design changed little over time. Updates slowed in 2004. Mark added only a couple new things in 2005.

The most recent version in the Wayback Machine is from November 2011. The site disappeared the following year.