Janet’s Star Trek Voyager Site

Janet’s Star Trek Voyager Site must have been the biggest of its kind.

The website started in 1999, when Voyager was in its fifth season, as “a practical way to learn HTML, which led into DHTML, JavaScript and Cascading Stylesheets.”

It grew into an enormous archive of more than 4,000 pages, 39,000 screenshots and transcripts, and over 1,000 audio clips. The site had elaborate episode guides with background information, bloopers and screenshots (taken from VHS!).

Janet's Star Trek Voyager Site logo
Janet’s Star Trek Voyager Site logo

Among some 250 articles were entries on all the ships and characters, food and drinks, medicine, planets Voyager had visited, the production of the show — an incredible amount of information, especially when you remember it was all gathered by one person and hand-coded.

Janet Muggeridge, a Star Trek fan since the The Original Series first aired in the United Kingdom, said creating the website was “a way of getting as close to” Voyager as she could.

Her site won Bernd Schneider’s prestigious Ex Astris Excellentia Award in January 2004. He wrote:

Among the myriad of Star Trek sites there are some that really blow me away because of their sheer amount of content. One of them is Janet’s Star Trek Voyager Site, definitely the most informative of its kind. No matter what I’m looking for, be it a screen capture, a quote, an observation or background information, it’s there.

Janet upgraded to an LCARS layout in September 2004 and stopped updating in December 2010. The most recent version of the website in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is from June 2011.