Copernicus Ship Yards

Chris Spinnler’s Copernicus Ship Yards was part of the “Wolf 359 Research Project” that began at the Flare Sci-Fi Forums and aimed to identify the shipwrecks seen in “The Best of Both Worlds”.

At a time when few of us had DVDs yet, and screengrabs were a novelty, Chris’ detailed galleries and reconstructions, based on often grainy footage and barely-visible starship models, were impressive.

The earliest version of the website in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is from February 2001 and it works well. The latest version is from February 2003, after which the domain expired.

Nearly all other contributors to the Wolf 359 Research Project have since disappeared as well, and the likes of Memory Alpha and Trekcore have arguably superseded their work. Bernd Schneider still maintains his version at Ex Astris Scientia.