Geir Ove Klefsåsvold’s (The Belgarath Silverthorn Star Trek Domain) came online in September 2000. The earliest working version in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is from January 2002.

Using an elegant LCARS layout that was sophisticated for its time, the bulk of consisted of Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise databases with episode guides and information about the ships and characters.

A “Library Computer” section contained additional entries about treknology, species, starships and characters. The “Holo-Computer” contained a picture gallery. also hosted a message-board community, which, like many message boards in the early 2000s, was briefly popular but died within a few years.

Geir, who is Norwegian, wrote that his passion had always been science-fiction.

[D]uring all of my lives in the countless dimensions and space-time realities, I have yet to find something that [supersedes] the incredible and complex beauty of the universe one can create in one’s own mind while absorbing the contents and stories of a really good book. I know that sounds rather lame, but since the current continuum is so “plain”, why not spice up one’s life with some imagination.

The website won Bernd Schneider’s prestigious Ex Astris Excellentia Award in September 2003. Bernd praised the site’s detail and easy navigation:

It is quite obvious that a lot of thought and work has been invested into the site.

Geir stopped updating the website regularly in 2004 and made one final update in 2005. The most recent version in the Wayback Machine is from July of that year.

Geir has since replaced with a redirect to his personal website.