Sector 0-0-1 was primarily a multimedia database. It had photos of all the main characters, starship diagrams, treknology and warp charts.

In addition, you could download computer icons, fonts and sounds from the site as well as dedication plaques and the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. So a little bit of everything, which was common for fansites of its time.

Notably, all the subsections had different designs, often LCARS-inspired. The characters section looked like an interface from the early motion pictures. The fonts section had a Cardassian look. The maps collection looked like a station from The Next Generation. All hand-coded, of course,

The earliest version of Sector 0-0-1 in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is from September 2001, but it’s broken. The August 2002 version works. By then, the site had switched from a black to a green background. It would remain virtually unchanged for the next six years.

The latest capture in the Wayback Machine is from May 2008, after which the site went dark.


April 14, 2018


I know we have reference material, such as chronologies, tech manuals, the Encyclopedia and of course the official site, but there’s still something about finding sites like these for the first time, as most had a sense of community about them.

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