Original Enterprise shuttlebay

The Enterprise shuttlebay as seen in the original episode, “The Galileo Seven”


I was always fascinated by the shuttle and the bay. However, secveral things don’t line up with the interior and the ship exterior. Using screen caps from “Journey to Babel”, “The Conscience of the King” (for the observation deck), and any other exterior hull shots, the observation deck windows to the outside necer line up with where they shoudl be if the observation deck is, indeed, where it is. Even with the remastered episodes, it doesn’t jive. I have been attempting for over a year to justify the anteroom hallway scenes (with the honour guard spiffing up to meet Sarek) and the wedge-shpaed doorway we peer through to see the shuttle on the deck. Theere are 8 guards lined up between the doorway to the hangar and the shuttle, it takes Sark 20 steps to get to the door. Measurements don’t match up. Using Sketchup, I have been attempting to combine all of these discrepancies into a logical, albeit altered, cohesive model. The Hangar deck is part TARDIS.

My immediate reaction to that shot was that they were utilizing an age old technique from old Hollywood to imply depth and space, which is to shoot on a longer lens through a doorway, or portal, or window to crop the background to a smaller area and imply the rest of the background. In the 30’s there were a ton of movies that represented a large space home or apartment, occupied by a wealthy character, by simply making the rooms big without ever showing any vertical scale (ceilings, rafters, structural details). Shooting through entrance ways was often used to hide those details on expansive establishing shots. I think the director or production staff felt it was more important to give the set a larger sense of scale than to worry so much about the exact floorplan of the ship as shown by the model.

Yes, I agree with all of your points. I am just nit picking about the fact that the windows from the shuttle observation lounge as seen in “The Conscience of the King” do not line up with the windows on the ship exterior on any models of the ship, cgi or otherwise. The hallway and doors leading to the Bay are very narrow.im just a nerd, I guess.

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